Why ConnectedStars?

Why ConnectedStars?


1Improve your personal identity

By including your educational background, professional experience, and project deliverables, ConnectedStars allows you to create a profile that accurately represents who you are.


  1. 2. Grow your professional network 

Freelancing relies heavily on referrals. Your network is your most important asset. Find like-minded individuals to build a strong freelancing community that helps you source new business opportunities.  


  1. 3. Power your career 

As a freelancer, it's important for you to leverage your skills to your advantage, showcase your projects, and market yourself regularly to maintain a healthy backlog of new clients and prospects 


  1. 4. Extend social media reach 

Unlike LinkedIn Where most professionals work a 9 to 5 job, ConnectedStars community you have the opportunity to make invaluable connections that proactively set you up for success.