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Are you ready to kick your sales strategy up a notch?

Get 10 New Leads and
5 New Clients in 30 days
or we work for free. GUARANTEED!

Our incredibly effective and unique approach to booking meetings ensures success every time, or we'll work for free! Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to results.

Give us a number,
we will double it.

    Spend more time selling, with your calendar full of pre-qualified leads.
    We onboard within 48 hours and
    deliver the first results in one week
    ConnectedStars aims to make the first sales call effective by providing lead capturing, pre-qualification, and appointment scheduling services. This ensures that your sales team can focus on closing deals rather than spending time on initial outreach.
    Experienced Team
    Our successful cold calling teams are well-versed in the product or service they are selling, as well as the industry in which they operate. This allows them to answer questions and objections with confidence.
    Extended Team
    Our successful extended teams work closely with the company they are representing to establish clear performance metrics and goals. This includes tracking the number of calls made and number of leads generated.
    Virtual Assistant: Talent
    Our Cold callers can make you 20% more productive.
    Chosen and Trusted by 500+ clients around the globe.
    With our global reach, we can provide top-notch services around-the-clock and quickly adjust to any time zone and customer needs. Our skilled team of experts works with businesses of all sizes, from sprightly start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations across all industries, to provide outstanding outcomes using the most recent tools and methodologies.
    We build your cold calling team, you manage your growth!
    We recognize that modern businesses need adaptable solutions to stay abreast of the constantly evolving technological advancements. Therefore, we offer services with a focus on aligning with time zones and providing quick response times.

    Elite Talent

    Our cold calling experts have strong communication skills, proven track record, industry expertise, persuasion skills and resilience.

    A Personalized Approach

    We ensure that our cold callers provide a personalised approach to potential customers and can help identify and solve problems.

    Cost Effective

    We offer flexible pricing according to the budgetary constraints of our clients and offer hourly rates or performance-based pricing.

    Boost your business revenue by up to 20% with our cold calling services
    Did you know that the global cold calling market is estimated to reach USD 407.2 million by 2025? With our expert cold calling services, you can secure your space in this growing market and boost your business.
    Virtual Assistant - Connected stars
    Our Achievements
    ConnectedStars, a global market player with expertise and unmeasurable perspective on quality, in providing top-notch cold calling  services of any complexity and providing exceptional customer experiences. We are honored to acknowledge our team and share our awards with the hardworking individuals that made it all possible. Together, we pursue excellence and are consistently acknowledged for our successes and efforts.
    What our amazing clients say about us

    ConnectedStars helped me when I was brimming with ideas and did not know how to align my tasks to make those ideas come to life. The assistance I received helped me get back on track and focus on my niche. ​

    Mr Robert DSouza ​ Head of Quality & Customer Care​

    ConnectedStars has been a sure-shot solution to all my business challenges. I am also amazed by the affordable rates and exceptional customer service. I have received any and every help that I required. Reliable and efficient! ConnectedStars has changed my professional life.​

    Mr Jasper Lambert​ ​ VP of Marketing

    My work includes projects that are time-bound. With ConnectedStars I have been able to deliver on time and receive great reviews from my clients. I am growing my business because of all the help I have received.​

    Miss Christee Wilson​ Marketing Director at Real Estate​
      Virtual Assistant - Connected stars
      Virtual Assistant - Connected stars
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