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Thinking of getting a Virtual Assistant? We have a better proposition!

Get ConnectedStars to assist you.

What can ConnectedStars and our Real Estate Virtual Assistant do for You?

  • Connect with you to establish the vision, mission, and goals for your business.
  • Analyze your market and competitors
  • Build your social channels.
  • Create and post content online.
  • Follow-up with your customers and potential buyers.
  • Report back on your competitors and create strategies to one-up them.
  • Respond to queries and build a relationship with your online audience.
  • Generate leads and set up meetings for you
  • Keep your clients informed of site visits, location availability, and otherimportant information.

And so much more!

What’s more – ConnectedStars will be there every step of the way with constant follow-ups to ensure everything runs smoothly.

So, are you ready to take your business from a start-up to a brand?

to request a demo and see how our platform stands out from the rest.
Our product expert will provide a personalized walkthrough, tailored to your unique requirements.

The goal of marketing is to reach every kind of client. The 360-degree effectiveness of marketing tools is essential for an industry such as real estate.

You have to remember that not every business belonging to the same industry will have the same type of clients. The best chance at sure-shot growth is analyzing your customers and formulating strategies that target them.

Like we said at the beginning, real estate agents are multitaskers; you are superheroes! But superheroes need side-kicks from time to time.

Analyzing your market, planning, identifying platforms, creating content, cold calling, generating leads, phew, too much for you to do alone! Our suggestion – Get a real estate Virtual Assistant today!

What can an Assistant Do for You?

Hire the right assistant, and you’ll discover that they’re capable of handling a wide range of tasks. Real estate VAs are well-versed in MLS and other local listings, as well as the rules and regulations that apply in this industry.

Life with a VA

You get to focus on your niche

You get to focus on your niche

Life without a VA

Devise plans for every social media platform and marketing tool.

Create different content for different channels.

Post content on your channels and regularly send emails to your clients.

Keep a check on customer comments, direct messages, and feedback.

Call potential customers and follow-up with the ones you just showed a
property to.

How To Use Direct Mail and Print Ads to Market Your Real Estate Business

If you send direct mail materials to households and offices, or distribute them in residential areas, you are more likely to get a response than from a purchased email list.

You can send out informational materials, such as property listings and promotional offers whenever you have a number of listings. When targeting residential areas, consider timing your campaign

around key events such as the start of a new semester or the arrival of new residents.

According to USPS, 67% of people feel that direct mail is more personal than digital forms of communication.

Using leave-behind cards, such as property brochures or promotional offers, with your property viewing or consultation appointments is a great way to market your real estate business. Offering special incentives, such as a discounted commission or a free property evaluation, can help remind clients to keep your business in mind for future transactions.

In a digital age, there’s something special about receiving tangible marketing materials, and the statistics support this.

As there’s no standard cost for direct mail campaigns in real estate, it’s important to consider factors such as target audience, print materials, and mailing frequency to determine the cost for your business.

The cost of Direct Mail

(Price per Piece of Material) x (Number of Materials Sent) x (Mailing Cost per Piece) + Design Fee + Mailing List Acquisition Fee = Direct Mail Cost
In this formula, „Price per Piece of Material” refers to the cost of printing each item, such as a property brochure or promotional offer. „Number of Materials Sent” is the total number of pieces being mailed. „Mailing Cost per Piece” is the cost of postage for each piece of material. The „Design Fee” is the cost for creating and designing the marketing materials, and the „Mailing List Acquisition Fee” is the cost of obtaining a list of targeted recipients for your direct mail campaign.
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7. Printed Materials & Direct Mail

Think direct mail is dead? Think again. Direct mail is deeply integrated in merican culture and not even email can fully overtake it.

In fact, nearly half of all Americans look forward to checking their physical mail each day. With a response rate of 6%, direct mail proves to be highly effective. To calculate the return on investment for your direct mail campaign, check out this free calculator.

Direct mail recipients tend to purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more money compared to those who do not receive mail. Moreover, a direct mail budget of $167 has the potential to generate $2,095 in sales, according to Forbes.