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If you are a real estate agent, you are not just a broker or a property manager; you are a jack and a master of all trades!

We understand how you do more than sell properties. You are a master negotiator, a brilliant marketer, a smart business analyst, an event manager, and even a customer service representative.

But real estate is not a cakewalk.

It is a highly competitive market with countless options for potential buyers and renters. It becomes crucial to stand out. Each client has to be turned into a lifelong customer and advocate for your business.

Simply listing properties and closing deals is not enough. You need to provide exceptional service and build strong relationships to succeed.

Even the master estate agents require help in this industry

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Marketing in Real Estate.

In the real estate industry, marketing strategies enable agents and brokers reach potential buyers and sellers, establish their brand, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

A Few Words About Us.

A strategic marketing plan for a real estate agency can include targeting specific demographics, creating visually appealing listings, using social
media, and regularly posting valuable content. It may also involve leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) to improve a website’s visibility and driving more traffic to online listings.

Marketing helps agents stand out!

By creating a compelling marketing plan, real estate professionals can effectively promote their listings, showcase their expertise, and build a strong online presence

Social media marketing in Real Estate

Social media marketing in Real Estate

Social media helps agencies reach potential clients online and showcase their properties. Half the market depends on social media for information regarding brands. Buyers often make decisions based on online reputation and social media pages.

An agent can display attractive listings, share local market insights and connect with potential clients.

Social media offers cost-effective marketing, allowing professionals to target specific demographics, demonstrate their expertise, and engage with their audience. By posting valuable content and responding to comments and messages, real estate professionals can establish themselves as local market experts, gain followers, and attract new business.

Plus, 2023 is witnessing a boost in Social Media sales! It is up to you to stay on top.

Social media is the easiest tool to get ahead of your competitors. The real estate market is becoming increasingly competitive, and you can choose to stay ahead of the curve and offer a superior customer experience.


By setting yourself apart, marketing your services effectively, communicating transparently with clients, and providing an unparalleled experience. Staying flexible and adapting to change is key to success in the real estate industry to meet the needs and expectations of your client base.

The goal of marketing is to reach every kind of client. The 360-degree effectiveness of marketing tools is essential for an industry such as real estate.

You have to remember that not every business belonging to the same industry will have the same type of clients. The best chance at sure-shot growth is analyzing your customers and formulating strategies that target them.

Like we said at the beginning, real estate agents are multitaskers; you are superheroes! But superheroes need side-kicks from time to time.

Analyzing your market, planning, identifying platforms, creating content, cold calling, generating leads, phew, too much for you to do alone! Our suggestion – Get a real estate Virtual Assistant today!

What can an Assistant Do for You?

Hire the right assistant, and you’ll discover that they’re capable of handling a wide range of tasks. Real estate VAs are well-versed in MLS and other local listings, as well as the rules and regulations that apply in this industry.

Life with a VA

You get to focus on your niche

You get to focus on your niche

Life without a VA

Devise plans for every social media platform and marketing tool.

Create different content for different channels.

Post content on your channels and regularly send emails to your clients.

Keep a check on customer comments, direct messages, and feedback.

Call potential customers and follow-up with the ones you just showed a
property to.

Thinking of getting a Virtual Assistant? We have a better proposition!

Get ConnectedStars to assist you.

What can ConnectedStars and our Real Estate Virtual Assistant do for You?

  • Connect with you to establish the vision, mission, and goals for your business.
  • Analyze your market and competitors
  • Build your social channels.
  • Create and post content online.
  • Follow-up with your customers and potential buyers.
  • Report back on your competitors and create strategies to one-up them.
  • Respond to queries and build a relationship with your online audience.
  • Generate leads and set up meetings for you
  • Keep your clients informed of site visits, location availability, and otherimportant information.

And so much more!

What’s more – ConnectedStars will be there every step of the way with constant follow-ups to ensure everything runs smoothly.

So, are you ready to take your business from a start-up to a brand?

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